Julie Imseis-Losh, D.O.

Julie Imseis-Losh.jpegWhen I envisioned becoming a physician I always anticipated that I would treat multiple disease processes concurrently and work with patients medically. Early in medical school I discovered my passion for medicine and desire to manage multiple medical issues. Internal medicine instantly felt like the right fit for me because I was exposed to a variety of complex problems and a multisystem approach to diagnosis.

I have always have been very passionate about science while attempting to comprehensively understand concepts by viewing the big picture and the molecular mechanisms.  While doing molecular and cellular research I realized that I enjoyed understanding normal physiology and pathology in order to grasp larger concepts. During medical school I found that internal medicine allowed me to combine physiology and pathology in diagnosis and management. It permits me to look at disease from multiple levels and viewpoints. I believe my compassionate personality combined with my love of medicine will benefit patients.