Stacie Kamada, D.O.

Stacie Kamada.jpegInternal medicine is a field that will provide me the opportunities to satisfy my inquisitive nature, pursue my passion for helping others, and allow me to contribute to society in a meaningful positive way. As a medical student rotating through many different fields, I was drawn to internal medicine because it presents a variety of patients with various clinical presentations and it allows for use of clinical problem solving on a daily basis.  Internal medicine is intellectually challenging and stimulating because of the complexity of the medical issues presented. It encompasses all forms of medicine with a greater diversity of patient population and the ability to do health maintenance for whole patient care. Internal medicine has provided me with the most satisfying and rewarding experiences so far and will continue to allow me to develop patient relationships that are fulfilling.

Looking into the future I am eager to begin a new journey with Sky Ridge Medical Center as an internal medicine resident.  Sky Ridge possesses all of the qualities I am seeking because it is committed to providing a strong academic foundation and a platform for integral learning.  The clinical faculty seems to foster educational growth in a nurturing environment to provide for optimal training and understanding. Through residency my goal is to expand on my medical knowledge to become a compassionate physician that instills confidence in my patients and respect from my peers and it is my belief that this program can help me to succeed.

As I prepare to integrate and transition to this new endeavor I am ready to bring my passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity for learning along with my drive and resilience to the profession.  Internal medicine focuses on building relationships of trust between patient and physician and I excel in listening, problem solving and out of the box thinking.  I am determined, goal oriented, take initiative, but overall and most importantly, I am committed to a career in medicine and will work hard to succeed.  I am excited for all of the new possibilities that internal medicine, Sky Ridge Medical Center, and the city of Denver have to offer in allowing me to accomplish and fulfill my life long career goals to become a great knowledgeable caring physician.