Sutira Scheef, D.O.

Sutira Scheef.jpegMy journey into medicine began during my five year career as a senior business analyst and infrastructure design architect. After attaining my Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, I believed a career in Information Technology would fulfill my logical, investigative nature and love for convergent thinking into building technical solutions. While immersed in the corporate life of implementing technical solutions, I spent my free time studying and instructing yoga. I discovered a love for teaching and connecting with my clients in order to achieve improved health in mind, body and spirit. Each personal connection I made further enhanced my aspirations of becoming a physician dedicated to teaching and directly aiding in the healing process of my patients.

After two years of post-baccalaureate courses required for admission to medical school and career-affirming inspirations gained from my yoga instruction, I entered medical school eager to discover which field of medicine would allow me to best contribute to the health and healing of others and also fulfill my desire to use technology to advance patient care. Fortunate to experience the practice of internal medicine at both rural and urban community hospitals, I connected to the systematic, investigative nature of hospital medicine and discovered profound interest coordinating continuous care for hospitalized patients with acute and chronic illnesses.

I thoroughly enjoyed the vast applications of health promotion such as end of life discussions, mental health, substance abuse, and women’s health. I discovered that educating patients and their families about their conditions and analyzing complex issues in an intuitive way to reach a diagnosis and treatment plan are aspects not so far removed from my previous profession. The personal connection I had been craving to have alongside an intellectually challenging career was evident with every case. I look forward to a new career that will leverage my love for technology and problem solving to improving human health.

Alongside my life changes and schooling, my husband has also decided to follow ambitious goals. Over the past few years he has successfully transitioned his own career and is now a First Officer flying commercial airline jets for Republic Airlines. We are both thrilled that he has been awarded a base transfer from Newark to Denver beginning this summer and we are excited to be purchasing our first home together in the Denver area. We are avid backpackers, hikers and take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.  I look forward to working with, connecting and learning from the patients and staff at Sky Ridge Medical Center.