Dr. Beatriz Linn

Linn.jpgDr. Beatriz Linn has been an internist for 21 years and a Physician for over 28 years.

Preventive care is in the cornerstone of my practice and has always been. I believe the more time and effort that is spent educating each patient on their particular condition, the greater results you are going to achieve. This is exactly what has driven me during my entire career, and my passion is on prevention vs. reaction, not waiting until the disease process has set in and instead preventing it or halting it by lifestyle modifications, such as quitting tobacco, losing weight and regular exercise. Modifications such as these often produce the best conclusion for you and now and in the future.

I believe in patient education and a team approach to health care to provide the best possible outcome of health and happiness. I have a passion for educating the future generation of physicians and enjoy watching them grow during their time here in their residency.


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