Monet E. Meter, D.O.

Monet Meter.jpgDr. Meter is from New England.  She is a first-generation American born and raised in Connecticut.  She grew up with a strong sense of natural and cultural history, and a view toward preservation and stewardship.  She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.  She initially planned to pursue a career in environmental conservatorship, having spent time working in the drinking water and forestry management industry.  She volunteered on the local Conservation Commission and wrote various pieces of the Open Space Plan designed to govern use of community natural resources.  She came to realize it was the people of her community who were the center of her focus, and that the same resilience she saw by design in the environment was present and at work even in the most critically ill and she decided to pursue medicine out of her desire to connect more personally with those she was serving, and impact their lives during their most difficult and vulnerable times.

She completed her medical degree at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine.  She values her osteopathic education, which perfectly reflects and resonates her experience and philosophy in the natural world, and aligns with her overall desire for patients to embrace their health and process of healing.

She looks forward to joining the team of dedicated professionals and can’t wait to meet new patients.  She is trading in her “sails for skis,” and her and her husband will be enjoying Colorado’s amazing outdoors enjoying the Colorado fresh air and good food.