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One of the keys to happiness in life is feeling healthy and being able to live your best, most prosperous existence. Feeling healthy requires you to be physically, mentally, and spiritually sound, so you need to make sure that the primary care physician in Parker, CO, that you choose can cover all aspects of your health and overall well-being. 

At Rocky Vista Health Center, we are primary care physicians in Parker, CO, who are proud to offer a variety of services. When you are in need of a medical facility that takes into account your entire well-being, our physicians are here to ensure your adult health care in Parker, CO, is covered.

Primary Care Physicians for All of Your Health Care Needs

The primary care physicians for all of your Parker, CO, adult health care concerns are able to provide a variety of services so that you can rest assured that all of your issues are covered. Rocky Vista Health Center is happy to offer internal medicine, sports medicine, primary care, osteopathic medical services, podiatry, and telemedicine services. Our state-of-the-art medical facility is the first point of contact for you, so we get to know you and provide for your continued health maintenance. 

To give you the medical care you need, our staff includes MD physicians as well as osteopathic physicians who are all board-certified in internal medicine. Whether you are battling an illness or have been injured, our physicians and residents from the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Sky Ridge Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program will care for all of your needs as well as those of your family members aged 16 and older.

Services We Offer

To the physicians and residents at Rocky Vista Health Center, it is important that you find the right medical care for your health needs. We have been able to distinguish ourselves as a one-stop-shop for you, and our staff truly cares about you and your overall well-being. You can find a doctor with us specializing in:

We are also able to offer additional medical services which may or may not be covered in the above list but are crucial to the continued maintenance of your health. These include preventive and routine medicine, cholesterol screenings, blood pressure screening, coordination with a specialist, physicals, health care screenings, diabetes, heart disease, immunizations, and flu shots, on-site laboratory work, online access to your medical results, self-care education, and referrals (if needed). 

Where We Are Located

The Rocky Vista Health Center is located on the campus of Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. This school has been considered the number 1 osteopathic medical institution in the country because our students received the highest standardized medical board exam scores in the United States three times in the last ten years.

We are also home to the Sky Ridge Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program where the residents are licensed physicians working on their specialization in a particular medical field. They work under the direction of a Board Certified Physician Instructor while seeing patients like you. For all of your Parker, CO, adult health care needs, contact Rocky Vista Health Center.

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Whether you are fighting a new, ongoing, or chronic illness or have endured an injury, our physicians are here to help. We are dedicated to ensuring that your medical needs are met and that you are comfortable in our caring environment. We have the most advanced diagnostic technology so you can trust that your diagnosis will be accurate and your treatment is the best one possible for your situation. Contact us today to learn more about our thorough one-on-one care and to schedule an appointment.

Primary Care Physician in Parker, CO offering internal medicine, primary care, sports medicine, osteopathic medical services, podiatry, and telemedicine services.