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feet-830503_1280.jpgOur feet are one of the most important parts of our body. They are constantly helping us stand, walk, run, or any other movement we need to do throughout the day. On top of the movement, they help maintain balance, allowing us to walk upright.

All of this makes two things painfully evident: keeping the feet, including the bones, muscles, ligaments, and other parts, healthy is extremely important, and seeing the right doctor when something goes wrong with your feet is of the utmost consequence. In both cases, a podiatrist -- a doctor who specializes in caring for the foot and ankle and helping cure problems in those areas -- is who you will want to see to keep your feet healthy and cure anything that goes wrong with the foot.

Conditions Affecting the Feet

There are numerous common conditions that can affect the feet, most of which stem from continued use over the course of a lifetime or from injuries to the foot. A podiatrist can help treat painful conditions that occur on the surface of the feet, like corns and calluses, while also providing treatment to deeper conditions like flat feet, hammer toe, and any foot and ankle pain. Because their job requires them to know everything about the foot, any pain in that area is likely to be treated by a podiatrist.

For many of these conditions, the podiatrist will be able to perform a wide array of procedures, including, in many instances, surgery. However, in order to have more complicated procedures that may require more extensive surgeries that can affect the overall health of the body, an orthopedic surgeon and other doctors may be called in.

Contact Our Podiatrist in Parker, CO

Ultimately, if you have pain in your feet or ankles, the first person you will want to see is a podiatrist. A podiatrist will be able to examine your feet, make an accurate diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment that can be undertaken to treat the possible condition to the feet. They may offer everything from surgery to simple removals to orthotics to treat the condition causing you pain.

With how important your feet are for you in going about life, whenever you get a pain in your feet that lasts longer than usual, give us a call at 720-875-2880 or contact us here

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