Dennis Kinder, MD, FACP, Medical Director

Dennis Kinder.jpgDr. Dennis Kinder comes to Rocky Vista University Resident’s Clinic with 19 years’ experience in Internal Medicine.  Dr. Kinder joined Dr. Thomas Told, Rocky Vista University’s Dean as a primary care provider in Northwestern Colorado.  To prepare for this job, Dr. Kinder, also a pharmacist, arranged detailed training in cardiology, gastroenterology and pulmonology.  He added a fourth year to his own Residency training as Chief Medicine Resident at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After relocating to Craig, Colorado, Dr. Kinder became the only Internist.  In that role, he cared for adult and geriatric patients with complex medical problems.  Additionally, Dr. Kinder functioned as the main ICU/CCU doctor, worked as the Emergency Room physician, and sometimes, as first assistant to the surgeon! 

 Dr. Kinder serves as an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Rocky Vista College Of Osteopathic Medicine.

Throughout these nineteen years, Dr. Kinder periodically hosted medical students and residents seeking a rural medicine experience.  He is excited to now be mentoring resident internal medicine physicians as they seek to increase their medical acumen and care for adult patients in a primary care setting.  Dr. Kinder won “Best Doctor” in Craig, CO, in 2011.  Known for his calm but earnest demeanor, he developed a following of devoted patients that still may drive to Parker just to see him. 

Dr. Kinder is a lifelong student.  He is the only MD from Northwest Colorado who also completed an Associates Degree in Computer Sciences after medical school. 

Dr. Kinder is active in the Civil Air Patrol, the civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  He reluctantly resigned as the Deputy Commander for Cadets when he accepted the position at RVU.

Dr. Kinder became an outdoor enthusiast at age 40, proving anyone can go from couch to triathlon!  He has completed two Ironman triathlons, several marathons, several half and Olympic triathlons, and plans to run with his family in the Bolder Boulder. 

Dr. Dennis Kinder is married to Dr. Pamela Askew Kinder, a neurologist who continues to practice in Northwest Colorado.  They have two adult children, Jacquelyn and Buddy, and one Australian Shepherd, who has yet to run a marathon.


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